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Review by W.Essex



Main hair problems

Wants a soft and gentle curl to wear as a  natural style


"I had a perm in March. It is now August and I had to write a review. It is still as good as the day it was done. It is soft and with lovely waves and curls that are resilient and long-lasting. The perm itself was very gentle and so the condition is still amazing. I have not had my hair cut yet as it is in such great condition it hasn’t needed it. Adrian took a long time to get to know me and my hair, analyse it in great detail even before he would commit to perming it. It is the best perm I have ever had. I would not hesitate to recommend this salon."

Note from our Perm Technician

Now this was a very enjoyable perm to do. This hair responds excellently to a firmer lotion but needs packing with protein before we began the process. This perm was done using treatments both before, during and after to make sure it would stay in the best condition and last the longest time the client has ever known

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