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Japanese Permanent Straightening


We use Excellent brands for Japanese straightening out of which, Momoko and Yuko are perhaps the best known brands. 
Please don't confuse this with a Keratin treatment which is a smoothing treatment and not a straightening treatment. Japanese thermal straightening treatments will make your hair straight, smooth and soft, permanently.
After many years of using Japanese straightening products we now have all bases covered. By using two wonderful systems we can safely and consistently achieve great results on most types of hair.  Bleached, Highlited and Tinted hair is no longer a problem. You can read some real reviews here

 You will need to book a consultation with us so just use the contact page. 

Answers to questions you may have

Q-Will this damage my hair

A-When performed correctly then no.. Most people have damage already and these areas will always need lots of protection. 

Q- Why does the process take so long.

A-Each part of the treatment must be done carefully and with attention to detail. This does take time but is worth it in the end. . 

Q-Can I have this done if I am pregnant

A- These treatments contain no formaldehyde but you should always consult your doctor 

Q- I live far away from the salon. Can I have the consultation on the treatment day

A- Yes, sometimes if it is too far to travel we can do the consultation work over the phone or via Zoom 

Q- Are all the pictures on the website your own work

A-Yes, all these pictures are our own work and with permission from the clients to use. 

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