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We ask clients for feedback after the treatment and often when they have washed their hair to see how it's working in everyday life. These pictures are mostly selfies and submitted with permission. 

Read KateD's story

Hair Type -- Fine, wavy,prone to frizz 

Condition--Medium with dry ends

Hair problems-- Difficult to manage, very little time. 

KateD pre treatment_edited.jpg

This client has fine hair with a colour done at home. The client finds her hair difficult to manage,,,,,Read more

Read Matt's story

Hair Type -- Extremely frizzy and dry


Condition--Very dry with parched ends

Matt pre treatment 1_edited.jpg

This client has a lot of hair. Extreme frizz and very,very dry. No colour. This is going to be a tough job,,,,,Read more

Read Mia's story

Hair Type -- Very wavy


Condition--Good with dry ends. 

Mia 1 1FFDDEB4-0BAF-4DE6-8E5E-374E0A42FC

This client has lots of hair with some colour. Some bleach at the ends from a previous balayage. The client wishes for more time,,,,,Read more

Read Linzi's story

Hair Type -- Very wavy, naturally dry.


Condition-- Medium with dry ends

This client has a lot of hair with some bleach,,,,Read more

Review by Emma

Hair Type -- Frizzy and curly


Condition-- Good


I have done this client's treatment over many years,,,,Read more

Review by W.Essex

Hair Type -- Limp in need of definition


Condition-- medium

This client wanted a very natural perm so we tested until we found the correct strength and technique. This will always be worth the effort,,,,Read more

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