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Review by Matt


Japanese Hair Straightening

Main hair problems

Frizzy, extremely dry

Note from our Japanese Straightening Technician

Matt pre treatment 2_edited.jpg

WOW, now this is a great head of hair and an extreme challenge. One of the potential problems with this hair is the extreme dryness. This hair was in serious need of moisture so the pre treatments were vital to get the balance back. The strength of active treatment needed to be high to push the hair into it's new shape but we had to be careful to buffer any potential damage with moisturising protection. Remember these ends are quite old and have suffered over time. 
So in the next pictures you will see how it looks wet just before the process begins and then at the end.You will see in the wet picture there is a strip of hair that looks drier than the rest. This had to be treated seperately to even out the texture so it would not over process.

Matt pre treatment
Matt after treatment

What we really want to show you is how the hair improves as the treaments progress over time. These old ends will be trimmed off and the very fine split ends you can see close up will be gone as the new hair grows through and is retreated. This was a real pleasure to do but gets even better as you will see further on in the story

The third treatment

So this very kind client agreed to let me carry on the pictures to show how the hair improved over time. Here you will see the regrowth which now needs attending to. Most clients find they can go for many months without having too much to do then just iron the regrowth area when needed. Of course it is always the healthiest and strongest area around the root that is being ironed while the rest of the length is allowed to grow stronger because of minimal attention with the irons. 

"Had another Japanese straightening with Adrian, and it went very smoothly as usual, and he done an amazing job.
My hair just looks better and better each time I go, in terms of straightening smoothness and the health of my hair."

After the first wash

Matt after first wash 2_edited.jpg
Matt 2nd treatment pre 6_edited.jpg

Note from our Japanese Straightening Technician

This was a challenge but I have been very happy with the progress. I like to help clients get continual improvements each time they have this treatment. 

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