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Review by Linzi 


Protein Hair Straightening

Main hair problems

Frizz, strong wave difficult to manage. Never stays straight for long after styling. Reacts quickly to humidity

Linzi Pre treatment_edited.jpg

Note from our Japanese Straightening Technician

This client could not have Japanese straightening due to complications with her bleached areas. So we went for the next best thing. This is a protein straightening treatment. These are extremely effective when applied correctly. 

"I have always had to rely on my sister to straighten my hair for me due to its frizz and curl, I’m so excited to be able to have control of my hair. The process was easy and so relaxing, I wash my hair weekly and can’t wait to see what it’s like after the first wash."

Linzi post treatment 3_edited.jpg

After the first wash

"So I waited 7 days to wash my hair and felt a little nervous about doing it as I’m not great at doing my own hair and it stayed so smooth and straight all week since the treatment. What would usually take me 1./1.5 hours to wash dry and straighten, it took less than 30mins. What would usually last me about an hour having it straight, lasted all night with no frizz! no curl coming in! Survived the heat and a night of dancing & this morning I’ve woken up and it’s still looking amazing! I am so happy i can finally tame my own hair and I don’t look like a frizzy mess."

Linzi after first wash 4_edited_edited.jpg

Note from our Japanese Straightening Technician

By having a range of these treatments I am able to match the right product,method and pre treatments to each client to give the best possible result. As you can see in the first wash picture the hair is great after a rough dry but will still require a small amount of attention. Overall I am very pleased with the outcome

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