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Review by Emma 


Japanese Hair Straightening

Main hair problems

Frizzy, naturally dry and wirey, strong hair.

Note from our Japanese Straightening Technician


You don't see the intensity of frizz or how wirey this hair is as it grows through since the weight of the straight hair makes it lay better. This client's hair is super resistant so it needs to have the strongest lotions and the most intense methods. It is always a pleasure to see the change in this hair. 

"My hair is extremely frizzy and dry. It’s not hair that I can leave down due to how frizzy and unruly it is! It always had to be tied back and lots of products used to control it. Since having the straightener treatment done, it’s a whole new hair world for me! I’ve had various different straightening treatments over the years but this newest one is definitely my favourite. It leaves my hair feeling lovely and soft, no dryness at all. It looks great and I’m very happy with it."

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