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Review by Kate D


Japanese Hair Straightening

Main hair problems

Frizzy, uneven curl

Note from our Japanese Straightening Technician

KateD pre treatment_edited_edited_edited

This client wanted a very easy to manage result. Although we wanted to knock out the wave to a minimum, some gentle movement was important to make it look natural. Sometimes it can feel so different at first, it takes a little while to get used to. This hair needed to be pre treated to protect it during the process. Adding lots of treatments both before and during the treatment will ensure the client's hair will be in a better condition at the end.  

"A few weeks ago I have gone this treatment and on the day it took under 4h. No discomfort or any issues. Once it was all done I left with still slightly damp hair as I got an under 1 year old at home and he needed me asap. Once hair was fully dry ,it was straight and silky. I would say too straight after treatment, it seems almost way too straight. But I was very pleased with result and the feel of hair."

KateD after first wash

After the first wash

"Washing hair for the first time was a pleasure. It was so silky and smooth and no need more that shampoo and conditioner. I would say if your hair tangles a lot you can you a tiny amount or detangling solution of your choice. I honestly just wash it , brush it and dry it without any hairdryer and go to bed while it may still a little bit damp and when I wake up it’s like I just came out of the salon. Having a little baby ain’t easy as they quite demanding and you don’t have much time for things like dry your hair or style it or something else . Now I can wake up and go out without worrying how my hair looks as I know it will be nice and straight."

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After one month

So it’s has been almost a month since treatment. It’s an easy life not gonna lie. My hair got a bit more lift from root as it’s grown a bit and it’s looks nice and natural. Hair looks nice and healthy, it has evened my hair colour as I have been colouring it before . I also noticed that my hair stopped falling out as much as it was. Made my life easier all around.

KateD one month on 71A7C44B-A385-4384-87

Note from our Japanese Straightening Technician

This was an enjoyable treatment to do. Finer hair can damage so easily especially when it is coloured. 
As the client no longer needs to use hot tools to straighten her hair she will gradually get much stronger and longer hair growing through. 

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